Poem: Everything

Why does my heart not beat?

Why does the moon only rise when I cannot sleep?

Why does death also wish me a happy birthday?

Why does my life never seem complete?

When will there be a time where I can be?

Where the ocean and land meet and everything can be at peace.

The beauty of pain is the desire of the flames, they call our names.

The hope of hurt is the only disaster that you dream.

A life that seems so complete but has holes that run through the feet.

This life is one that has everything, but the same time you have everything.

You then ask yourself is this everything and is this me.

It is still not what you want, but it is what you need.

So, you smile and say cheese.

Poem: Path

A new journey is about to begin.

Yet I am still stuck in the one that ended a year ago.

Changes are running the air.

Making me think is this life fair?

The hugs that cry from ones that are gone.

To the streets songs that are no longer.

A path that is divided by my truth and now.

To the hunting that one thrill that cure my nerves.

Now the village of my peers is all that I deserve.

That is the mind playing trick of the brain with my heart.

To run a path that is slow and steady.

To jump across cross and get there early.

That is what I must chose and neither one will pick me.

Quick Update

These last couple of weeks have been soul searching for me. I do not know why, but I have not been myself these last couple of weeks. There have been life changes that some people would say are good, but for me I would say that they might be a mistake. Let me take that back I step outside my comfort zone and now I think was a great idea.

I do not write on here as much as I used to. I feel as if I have nothing to say, so I just write something that comes easy to me most of the time, and that is poetry. I have never really been a huge fan of it. To be honest only reason I write it is because it has become an outlet for certain things I am going through.

I must say a majority the time the poem that I write are just random ideas that come to my mind as I am going throughout my day. I also must say I have finally found the story that I want to tell. After a year without knowing the direction, I wanted to go I finally figure it out. Now I just need to sit down and write it. Sometimes I wish I had help with it, but I just must keep doing it on my own and try to learn way to tell them. Hopefully, I will have time to sit down and write something soon. I am realizing that time is passing me by.

Poem: Dear Truth

Dear truth, why did you lie.

You said it would be easy, but so far it has been no fun.

Dear truth, where did you go?

You said you would stay, but why did you run?

My life was simply until I met you.

You told me the strength was all I needed to make it through.

My hopes, my dreams are now washed away with you.

You gave me everything, but you.

Dear truth, I hate you.

I tried to be nice, but it was too good for you.

So goodbye, farewell, this is the end, my time with you is all I have left.

No more hurt, no more pain, this is last time I will see your face.

Dear truth, thank you.