Poem: Angel

How did my angel break my heart?

How did my angel not love me?

Where did the love go wrong.

Why has our time come and gone?

When will we ever become one?

Is it something that I could wish upon.

The stars have fallen far.

There is no hope for us anymore.

I just wish I had an angel I could wish for.

Someone who I know wants my heart.

Someone who will play all my cards.

I guess I am the angel I have wish for.

Poem: Wings

The time has come for me to be strong.

The time has come for me to move on from this.

I can no longer lift my head and hide my tears.

I can only shield you from all my fears.

Simply put I am no longer your guardian angel.

I am searching for mine.

The bravery I show is never meant to be dull.

I want to hold you tight, but I can barely hold me.

My wings are meant to cherish, as my heart is meant to break.

Yet I always have a smile on my face.

Meanwhile my wings are breaking.

I can no longer help you fly.

Your angel needs their own.

Even an angel wings break sometimes.