As this month draws to a close, I cannot help  but wonder what’s next? That is a strange question to ask, but with everything that has happen I can’t help but ask. I do not think that is something that we can answer, nor is it something that we should answer. What is next is not meant for us. We will find out eventually, but with all the uncertainty out in the world, it could be hard for people to picture life past today.

Poem: I don’t know

Back to life as if nothing has change

Yet as I look around only dust and dirt remain

From the people that used to hang around the corner store

To the old man begging for change down the way.

You rush to check on your love ones

Then you remember that they are not there

The children are not running around outside

And the oil is no longer dripping from your uncle’s car

The shelter you hid in is suddenly gone

But there is a light that is shining bright over there

You see a familiar face that has been gone for years

When you touch her face it makes you feel real?

As soon as you turn your head, she is gone with the dust

Like the man down the street or the neighbor in the front yard

As you look around trying to see if this is real

You wake up and weep for things that has disappeared.



I just felt as if I needed to write something so I wrote this. I am still figuring it out.

The Storm

How many people have been through a storm? I am not talking about bad weather type of storm. I am talking about a life storm. I have been through a lot of storms in my life, but I would not necessary call them storms. I would call them turning points. The reason I would call them that is because when you go through a storm at the end of it is lesson that you would learn.

I would say one of the biggest storm I faced was in 2017. I will not go into detail about the situation, but it was something that I never though that I would experience. It seem as if every where I turn something unexpected would happen, and I did not know how to handle it, or if I wanted it to be handle. The situation was not dire, but it showed me that it was not all bad, and how to get through certain situations.

I am saying all this because one, there is storm in my area now, and that I could not think of anything to write. You just have to remember that after the storm is over, you will get to know the true meaning of the storm, and what it was meant to show you. It may not be the lesson that you want, but the turning point is the part that will leave you with an open opportunity that you might not understand.

Poem: The Same

Today everything was the same

I was brave

I fought the less fortunate

I was kind

Most importantly I was there

Today everything was the same

I was tough

I walked without a care

I was at ease

Most importantly I was there

Today everything was the same

I was flying high

I did my part to make everything right

I was here

Most importantly I was here

As always today was the same

I cried

At night nobody came to see why

Nobody called to check on me

Until it was time for me to fight

I was not brave, kind, tough at ease, flying high and I was no longer here

For the last time and the most important I was not there

Nothing was the same