Poem: Wings

The time has come for me to be strong.

The time has come for me to move on from this.

I can no longer lift my head and hide my tears.

I can only shield you from all my fears.

Simply put I am no longer your guardian angel.

I am searching for mine.

The bravery I show is never meant to be dull.

I want to hold you tight, but I can barely hold me.

My wings are meant to cherish, as my heart is meant to break.

Yet I always have a smile on my face.

Meanwhile my wings are breaking.

I can no longer help you fly.

Your angel needs their own.

Even an angel wings break sometimes.

Poem: Cry No More

I cannot cry anymore.

Those tears do not live here anymore.

The heart that was once full has shattered.

Pieces are everywhere yet I cannot see them.

The happiness that is supposed to surround me.

They cover the hole where the heart once live.

A place that was always too big.

Now it is no more.

Something has taken it place.

That is dark and can never see the light.

Where my soul will now lie.

A place that I now call home.

So dark and empty is just where I belong.


Poem: Everything

Why does my heart not beat?

Why does the moon only rise when I cannot sleep?

Why does death also wish me a happy birthday?

Why does my life never seem complete?

When will there be a time where I can be?

Where the ocean and land meet and everything can be at peace.

The beauty of pain is the desire of the flames, they call our names.

The hope of hurt is the only disaster that you dream.

A life that seems so complete but has holes that run through the feet.

This life is one that has everything, but the same time you have everything.

You then ask yourself is this everything and is this me.

It is still not what you want, but it is what you need.

So, you smile and say cheese.

Poem: The Battle

I lost my battle today.

I am not sure where to begin.

Everything started out fair, but my dear we were never on the same team.

 It was always a battle of one.

This time the enemy was me.

The winds were never sure where the mighty will turn.

The lands of truth and honor have never green us all.

The words the hurt that never lives the throne.

Have only left mountains of hills that you can call home.

The things that are never have made the fight most clear.

The things are far is what drives the rage in your heart.

A stone that has no shield to protect.

You gave it your all but was simply not enough.

Pleasing was never your best.

Just scares like all the rest.

This time will be new.

The battle may be lost, but the war has just begun.