Poem: Shed

The eyes hardly ever lie.

They did once and I am thankful they did.

It was a slight shift in the breeze of life.

Sheading the fears that were once nice.

Now it is shame that it is lying all over my face.

It cannot hide the worry of trying to make the light seem just right.

There is no love and there is no lover.

Nothing I can say for sure.

I see the stars that were once blue.

Now they are white and stuck tighter than glue.

The same thing as it was that finally night.

There are no secrets left for me to share.

Poem: Before

I have been sitting waiting for the light.

Not knowing when it will hit me that the time is right.

I walk into a sea that was not filled with creatures.

It held the desire that were lost in the depths of my mind.

This is the start of a new chapter, yet I still cannot write.

I know this is the beginning, but it seems I have been here before.

When does the wind stop blowing and the sea starts to part?

I see it soon, but what does that mean anyway.

Poem: New Door

A new opportunity has been presented.

A new door could be open.

I can not help, but to wonder does it need to be?

Is it something that I need to walk through.

I can only think of is yes, but I do not want to miss the things that make me.

I want to run to this, but than again I think I should walk.

This is everything that I do not want, but it everything that I truly need.

Just another day of life is what this all seems.