My heart is not my own.

My spirt is no one you will ever know.

It shares everything that whispers.

It hides all my hope except my fears.

This is the wild night that keeps me alive.

Not sharing the thought or tears that used to be.

Trying to find the wisdom that my bell can bring.

All out this is everything that I want us to be.

I just cannot see.


Poem: N&N

The sun is now cold.

The words of the mother nature live in my soul.

Hearing the birds sing a song that is not familiar.

Listening to the trees as they whisper my secrets.

Looking at the seeds as they start to bloom.

The nature of love is lacking it nurture to make it.

When will the rain start again?

Poem: Trees in the Fall

What does my pain mean to you?

Right now, I can say it means nothing at all.

If I say no you push and push until you get your way.

No matter how many times I say that I cannot do you what you ask.

My cries go unanswered like the trees going into the fall.

My branches are all but gone, yet you still ask for more.

I usually do what you say.

Now I am breaking like the last little tree down the way.

I ask for nothing and yet I am still wrong.

When I tell you no understand that is what I mean.

That my saying no is not meant to hurt you.

Those are just my leaves leaving my soul.

It is hurting me to let them fall.

I have no request and I have no answers.

As the leaves fall know that those are my tears.

Each leaf is tear I wish I did not have to shed.