Podcast Review: Slow Burn

A podcast that has grown on me over time is Slow Burn, the first two season were good to me. The third season was one that was familiar, but it was nothing that stood out. I recently just got done with the fifth season. The first season was about the Watergate scandal, particular a woman named Martha Mitchell. I learned a lot about Watergate that I did not know.

The second season is about the Bill Clinton impeachment, and how it all came to be. This season was great it was deep dive that I never dealt with before. I must say that one reason why this might be good is that I remember some of this stuff. The third season is about Tupac and Biggie murder.

the fourth season must be the best one. This season is about David Duke, and if you do not know who he is look him up. That is all I will say about that. The last season is about how did we ended up in war for the last 20 years. It was great there so much that I thought I knew but did not.

Overall, I would give this podcast 7 out 10. There are some good episodes and some not so good. If you want to be informed listen and you will. This podcast is apart of slate magazine.

Podcast: Reveal PRX American Rehab

I just got done listen to a new sort of podcast. I mean it is spin off from a podcast I listen to on occasion. This podcast is call Reveal PRX American Rehab, it is a deep dive into an episode they did on Reveal, that episode was the American rehab system. I must say I was not expecting everything that I learned, this show open my eyes to the rehab systems in America. There is so much that I cannot explain it here.

The podcast start talking about work-based rehab, and how did they get started. They also go into detail about how these types of rehabs have spread throughout the country over the years. They are on a search to see if this is legal. There is so many twists and turns which makes for a great podcast. There are only nine episodes, and they are not that long. It is great drive and listen podcast.