New chapter and new podcast coming soon. It is time for a change. Keep a lookout for it.

Poem: All Gone

Was this the right call?

Faith told me to take a chance and I did.

Now I think my faith is telling me to bow.

I used to hate me.

Then I started to find the love that I never grew inside of me.

Now that love is fading.

I am not the same.

I am not growing.

I am just wasting.

Soon I will just be dry.

And all I my dreams will be gone.

Podcast Slow Burn

A new season of Slow burn is out now, and I highly suggest that you listen to it. This season is about Roe v. Wade. A high stakes issues that is on everybody mind today. If you pro or against I am not asking I just thinking you should listen to the podcast to see how got here and how all of this started. The previous season have been good, and so far this one is interesting.

Poem: My Forgiven Pain

I cannot forgive you.

I cannot go back to the way things were.

The times has change, but the hurt still feels the same.

The disaster that you reign lives within my veins.

The blood that pumps the heart that you love to break.

Not realizing that you do it almost every day.

I still come back to you and try to make it to another day.

This time I stayed, but tomorrow will never be the same.

The journey of love and life is one that you must obtain.

Then I see your face, and I am reminded of the hurt that you bring.

The sad thing is that you will never go away.

The mirror tells no lies for what is in holds all my pain.