Poem: Wrong Beat

Is the truth what I am hearing.

The day to day is not the same.

My heart is next to me.

The thing is my heart has also left me.

The story of us cannot be written.

It tells a sound with words that shares no vowels.

The heartbeat is hitting all the wrong nots.

Yet I keep playing in hopes the everything sounds right.

This is just a sad song that play over and over again.

Poem: Good/ Evil

The heart does not understand the head.

The love does not know the pain.

The time is never right.

Good and evil have never split.

They are one the same as it is with me.

I keep listening to the stones, but they keep turning.

Where are my angels when I have sent for them.

Not the ones that never strayed.

The red one has never left my side.

The one we have never met.

Soon there will come a time where I must choose.

Unless the time has come where they choose me.

Poem: Just Trying

Lift me from this worth.

It is time to learn why I have this pain.

Why does my sorrow not know the truth.

When it is all in your face.

Sitting and not moving is all I got.

There is nothing else that can cure me.

Yet I still do not know if I would take the pill.

This is all I have left to give.