Poem: Tale As You

A tale as old as me.

A memory that I can no longer see.

Feeling as blue as the ocean.

Looking to the moon hoping to see the future.

Not knowing the things that ones have lost.

The fire we lost our powers.

The rain has cast us stones.

The wish of yes is the vision of tomorrow.

This is my now, and I must make a move.

Stress will cause me death, but love will cause me you.

Poem: Another Weather

Tired and scared.

Looking for hope in a crowed shell.

Trying to see the light, but the rainbow is just too bright.

The clouds are coming, but my dreams have faded.

Th love of my life have not been created.

The disease of my heart is my love for you.

The story that gives me strength takes it from you.

I can see that this is my end.

The sun does not shine where my heart is.

This is the last of a journey run well.

Now I go to the ocean or the sea.

Hope to finish so friends that are not my enemies.

Poem: Still The Same

The tides in my life are turning.

The times of the earth-shattering happenings is no longer available.

Wisdom no longer lives on the willow tree.

It is available at the edges of the sea.

It is at the site of the place that seems too good to be.

Destruction and illusion are the name of the game.

My pain is still all the same.

When the time is right the things will change.

Today it is all the same.

I just wish I can still see the rain.


I have been feeling inspired about something that happen yesterday. I am now starting to feel like things are about to go my way. I am also terrified that thing will go completely wrong. I so not know what to do, and I am just tired. This is going to be a year of change and growth, and I can see it coming. Keep you updated.