Poem: Before

I have been sitting waiting for the light.

Not knowing when it will hit me that the time is right.

I walk into a sea that was not filled with creatures.

It held the desire that were lost in the depths of my mind.

This is the start of a new chapter, yet I still cannot write.

I know this is the beginning, but it seems I have been here before.

When does the wind stop blowing and the sea starts to part?

I see it soon, but what does that mean anyway.


Poem: New Door

A new opportunity has been presented.

A new door could be open.

I can not help, but to wonder does it need to be?

Is it something that I need to walk through.

I can only think of is yes, but I do not want to miss the things that make me.

I want to run to this, but than again I think I should walk.

This is everything that I do not want, but it everything that I truly need.

Just another day of life is what this all seems.