Poem: Another Life Question

Why do I hate me?

That is question that I should not ask.

It is a question that has no answer.

It is just the way that I am.

Me only in a world, that does not care.

Lately I fill like why I should.

This is not the life I want and not the one that wants me.

Trying to find a way in world that does not care if you do.

Then trying to please the one that claim to love you.

It becomes a situation that is no longer a job for you.

This becomes your life.


Poem: No More

Another day I have awoken with a breath.

Another day I wish that would not be.

Trying to see the light, but I keep getting surrounded by the shadows.

Asking why are you keeping me?

Why can I not go to the land where my people are free?

Not hearing the answer that I want but hearing the answer that people think I need.

This is not my just because this is not a celebration.

This is years of heartache and pain.

Years of not living a life.

Years of worrying about the cause and effect from others.

To taking the pain you store to yourself.

My heart can no longer break.

I shattered it years ago a day I came to be.

Now it is no more and soon so will I.