Poem: A Dream Life

Another day my dream has change.

Another time where I cannot fly.

The things that lay on my heart, but it cannot beat.

I try to see the sign, but I just cannot read.

This is not the life I want to live.

Too stress has become a part of my rest.

Promises keep getting made.

Then like the ocean they start to break.

I do not know how much I can take.

My mind is no longer stronger enough to read the room.

The room that has nothing but windows, with no doors.

This is not my passion it certain is not life with a dream.


Poem: The Side

Waiting on the time to move.

I see the sun, but it does not see me.

The life that holds the hands also holds the death.

Then when the birds stop singing is when you learn to begin.

That is when your soul and life begin.

To see each other and not shed a tear.

Shows that this is not what I fear.

You loved and I have lost.

The time has come for the rain to stop.

When will we see each other grow, or will just let each other go?

I cannot lie it know what to do.

It will hurt, but you already do.

Poem: Just Trying Again

Winning and receiving is a gift like no other.

It is all that the body needs.

It all that the window can stand.

Trying to find the light that the ghost run from.

Hitting the truth but missing the bat.

I keep trying to get this right.

I keep trying is a lie I tell all.

The others that hate.

The ones that love.

The thought of giving it all is missing me.

You have everything I do not have.

Yet I have everything that you have.

I am just trying to win.

I guess I just need to lose.

Poem: Asking

Trying to feel the love but covered in doubt.

Hearing the fear but seeing the drought.

The love of my life is not with you.

The sight of living is hurting the tears that are now blue.

The living dream is not a dream.

The thought of going alone is making me true.

The sky once open and you were standing there.

Now I wish it would close and this all will be fair.

I do not write song that make the world grab a tune.

I am just me living with my blues.

I need more than what I ask.

That is all I can say for my baby today.