Poem: My Wish

Why did you leave me?

Was I not enough for you?

Did my heart not beat harder for you?

Were my wants too much for you to bare?

Was it the way that I never called your name?

I sit alone as the night fades and pray that the daybreak never come.

Asking myself where did I go?

As if you never came into my world.

Trying hard not to cry so that it does not show that I care.

Hiding from people that always calls to check in, but in disbelief when they answer my call.

I am trying to find the words to show how much I miss you.

I just do not want to say them.

Then it will mean that it is all true.

The last time we spoke was the last time I said I love you.

Now I wish I never said goodbye.

I wish that you could see me cry, so you can wipe the tears from my eyes.

There is so much I could as for, but that is all I wish.

I know that it is too much to ask so that is why I wish.

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