Poem: Look

I need to know where are you?

I lay down and I feel the touch of warm hands.

I hear the deep breathes you take as you dream.

Then when I turn over it is as if everything stops.

Is it something I did?

I do not know.

I just want to see you.

I want to love you.

I am just simply looking for you.

Now I am becoming tired of looking.


Just Another

My passion is not you.

It is the flower that grows from the dirt of lost souls.

The wind that never wants to keep things in place.

The side of my mind are not open to the desire of free.

Trimming the bread just to get half of it cut.

These stories of life are writing by the eyes of the souls.

This is not kind to tell, but mine to hold.

Loving the hope of it, but this is all I have to say.

Poem: Love Me

I do not want this anymore.

My tears are not enough.

There are no words I can say to make this right.

The thoughts that run around my head have finally made a home.

A place where the burden of life will forever live.

Why do I have to be here?

Why can I not go to place here all hope is gone.

Where life has no end or beginning.

This is not dream that my family dreamt.

This is the nightmare what upon what they wish.

I can only pray for peace, but I wish for disaster.

I just do not want to be anymore.

Yet they say this is my dream.

I just do not like me.

Most importantly I just do not love me.

Poem: Fade

What happen to the time?

We used to have so much of it.

Now it is all but gone.

There is no turning back the hands of time.

It is only forward we go.

You can always look back at the memories that we made.

It is just that the memories fade.

Tick, tick is all that we hear.

Just as the rain fall with all our fears.

Time is moving as we are growing.

The end is coming yet we have just started living.

I think the time to take chances are now.

Do not wait the clock certainly is not.