Poem: Just Wait

Today I laugh instead of cried.

I smiled wild tears fell from my eyes.

I knew the pain was there, but for some reason I did not care.

I knew that you would not be able to wipe my fears, so I let them heal.

The thought that they last time were the last time gave me chills.

Caring to give it my all no longer give me strength.

The bees that hit my knees never lead me astray.

I look at sky and I see your face, and the light beans across my way.

The things that I used to question are still open for you to answers.

I know it make take some time so I will wait.

Poem: How Do I Begin

How do I begin?

How can I count the ways?

The ways of what you ask.

I would say love and life.

Things that I know nothing about but feel all the pain.

Trying to see out the window but loving the rain as it falls.

Trying to get to somewhere, but not knowing if the goal is near or far.

Trying to just make it, but deep down knowing that is a task that you cannot pass.

These are the things that run through my head.

I am trying to overcome, but I do not know where to begin.

My life is not worth the time and the ways I need it to survive.

Not I just count the days until it is done.

Poem: Wrong View, Right Mirror

My mirror has lied to me.

It said I was beautiful.

How can that be?

My eyes are deceiving the person that I want to be.

The hurt that I feel as I walk into a room and speak not a sound.

Everything I see makes me scared to even look.

Not having a friend to give me a boost, but one to push it down even further.

The thoughts that run in my head, are leading to me wanting this to end.

I know I cannot let them win, but how much can I take to stay within.

The words are scrambling like the person I think I can be.

I guess I need to find something else to say, or just look away.

Poem: Just talking

I have a story to tell, but I cannot find the words.

It involves the one thing we all need.


Something that has never been the water, but I am constantly drinking it.

Leading the way to victory, but always worrying about defeat.

Not knowing the feeling of holding someone’s hand, because you are so used to holding your own.

There is not I in team, but you are tired of being left alone.

Is there an apple that will fall from the tree, and you will be able to eat?

I am just talking right now, but am I for real?

Guess the truth will tell.