Poem: Letting it Go

I cannot love you anymore.

Because I do not love me, and that is all you need.

The stars are aligned, but my knees are weak.

To hold the world means to have it all.

Now I choose to let it go.

Though the wind is high, and the season has change.

The love that blooms in me has died again.

This is the last time you will hear me say those three words that for which you pray.

You are free to go, and I am letting you be

Just understand it is not you it is only me.

Now go weep and dry those tears.

Hate me as you will, but this is it my dear.

The highs were high, and lows were cold.

But you do not love me, and now I see it clear.

One last thing I need to say.

Thank you for teaching me pain does not always come with tears.