Poem: Broken Dreams

Why does my dreams hurt my heart?

Why can I not shed a tear that brings me joy?

Is living the goal or is the death all we have to shoot for.

Trying to be the best means that you will not pass all the tests.

The look in the eyes of the ones you lost, are not helping the cause.

I want to be happy, but I love living in a world filled with tears.

The crowds shout your name, but your friends never say a word.

Working for a goal that in the end, has no meaning.

The words that you use to hurt only cut towards you.

Not your dreams are at the door, but your heart is broken in two.

Poem: Time & Dreams

Living without dreams is like living without the rain.

 You are never able to bloom and grow.

The dirt lays at your feet, and you never seem to get clean.

Trusting oneself is a burden that you no longer can bare.

Living in a world where death is the only thing you want.

Not realizing the hurt it will cause the ones that say they care.

Their words speak, but your ears cannot hear.

Thinking about the sounds that will make them weep.

Thinking about the dreams that simply cannot be.

Will there ever be a time where you can?

Dreams can only die if you kill them.

So why wait until the cord needs to be cut?

Give them air so they can live.

You never know what they may give.