Poem: Soul Storm

A storm is brewing, and I am no longer chasing.

I see the dream, but I do not see the vision.

Looking for the mood to switch, but things just stay the same.

Not knowing if this is true and if this life is worth the pain it bares.

The Storm is getting closer, and the dreams are fading.

You write your lover one last note.

You seal it with a kiss one that you dug deep from your soul.

Sad and hurt, but that does not mean anything to the heart.

Love is gone and you are just know realizing that it is lost, but is it for good?

The rain is pouring, but you soul is like a fire that will not get put out.

When will be enough so that the test is pass?

I am just trying to live my life, but that just does not seem to be good enough.

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