Poem: Seeing Me

What do you see when you look at me?

Do you see the sense of hurt that hangs from my sleeve?

Do you see the lust of worries that stares deep in my eyes?

Do you see the mounting of stress that makes me not breathe?

The things that look good no longer feels or see me.

The thought of being a person that no one can see is becoming attractive to the eye.

Living in a place that brings no hope for the day.

The things that make you smile now bring the tears down the eyes.

When you see me are you seeing me?

Are you seeing the person that I want you to, see?

Think before you speak, this book cover is not what you think.


Poem: Trying

I tried to make a move, but my feet are staying still.

The shaking of the grounds is holding my hands.

I want to smile and laugh, but it will not be free.

The words of others are hidden deep within my soul.

I hear the yes, but I also hear the noes.

When will the worries about the next chapter leave the hopes behind?

I am just trying to find the happiness that I was promised, but it seems like I do not deserve.

Poem: Lose Dream

The door to my dreams has been open.

The light is hold is shining bright.

I can see the vision and work that it holds.

The thought of walking through that door is holding the back of my mind.

But why do I fell as if this was all in vain?

That I am not allowed to walk through that door.

My hopes will be let down by my dreams.

That nothing will be the same and I will never cross that line.

Do I not believe in myself enough to chase the goal?

Or will I just stand back and watch it all unfold.

Pain is living with a dream that makes you afraid to win.

I guess I will just lose.