Poem: To finish

Boom, boom, boom, is all you hear from across the room.

Deep down in your heart you hear the roar of life hitting you hard.

The sting of the sorrow that brings you home.

Surrounded by a love that is lost withing the soul of the earth.

Will you ever find the key to open the box that lives within?

You are learning to stop asking the questions.

You are learning to stop taking the chances.

You are learning to stop looking and to just be.

That is as good as you can give and that is all that you have gotten.

The story is about to end, and this book will never be finish.


Poem: Alone and True

A new way to walk is happening to me.

I cannot stop the smile that rains on my face.

The tears are all gone and dried up.

The love is no longer deeper than pain of the valley.

Is this the joy you have dream about?

Could this be the moment you see everything come true?

Is this just a fantasy so the pain can live on throughout the veins?

The walk is fitting, but where to go is the questions that has left the mind.

You then realize there is nowhere to go, everyone is already gone.

The island is deserted, and you are no longer alone.

Around the corner comes the pain, and this time you grab its hand, and you go together.

Poem: Running Love

A new thing is happening.

A spirt that was once dead is starting to become alive.

The worry of pleasing is not the burden to succeed.

Thinking of the monster that live under the skin, but secretly knowing they are your best friends.

This is the new take on the journey ahead.

Will the bags be pack, or will the towels have to be thrown in to hide the stink from you?

These are the questions that used to run through you.

Now they are running around you and you are dodging the bullets as they hit.

The greatest love is not knowing that it is love. That is the love that you have and the one you have given away.

Poem: Fly Tears

Tears are pouring, but this time not from pain.

At least not the pain that causes the fire to burn.

They realize this is the end and the journey will not be complete.

This time you are okay with the answers of the mission.

The message is still fuzzy, but the vision is precise.

This is where I must leave you.

This where my wings must break for me to fly.

Through the journey will require me to fall I can always start again.

So, my tears are coming, and I am letting them pour.