Poem: New Walk

Walking the path that holds all the secrets.

Living the dream that you never imagine.

Hunting the roads where cars seldom travel.

Believing the faith that the trees whisper.

Trying to just make it to see another day.

All the way standing with a smile beaming from your face.

That is the life that you want.

This is the journey that you want to take.

Not caring about the hurt that it brings.

Only thinking about seeing another day.

The ones that used to walk with you have fallen off.

Now there are some that are new that hang by your side.

This is your new walk and I like your stride.

Poem: Almost Out

 Where has the time gone.

It used to never end, and we never could find out where it begins.

Wasting away sleeping in the shade, not knowing what the rest of the day would hold.

To listen to the earth rattle and roll, not caring about the storm coming.

Not caring when anything would end.

Just if it begins.

Now it is a different story.

Hunting down the hours to spend a second more with you.

To hear your breath if only for second.

To just seeing you smile, and not knowing if this will be the last time.

Time has almost run out for us.

There is no way for me to rewind the clock.

It is almost time for it to spring forward.

It is almost 1 I wish we could run away before it turns 2.

Poem: Road Walk

Walking the streets that has no name.

Seeing the faces that only makes you smile.

Looking at memories that sometimes hurt.

Wondering where the time has gone.

Thinking am I still same, or can it become a brand new me.

The streets keep talking, but now you are no longer listening.

The roads are telling a path that leads to no success.

Yet, you keep going and hoping that the dreams of the valley are still there.

That the end is not far and that the journey will be worth the walk.

The faces start becoming less familiar and the city starts to fade.

You are walking into the unknown and you love every minute of it.