Poem: Hope Light

The rain is falling and not a light is in sight.

Wishing that the heart ache of today will soon dry away.

The rain is picking up, and the water has now covered your feet.

You start to panic, and your knees go weak.

The winds are pushing you back and forth, but you never buckle.

The rain is no longer your friend, and the storm is starting to become a struggle.

Then a light appears within the distance.

It is far and dim, but it shines as far as you can see.

As your knees starts to tumble to your feet.

A strength appears, and you become less weak.

You move closer to the light, and it starts to grow bright.

You see something that you never have before, hope.

You take a step at a time, and as the light draws near.

He says this is not it my child.

This is only a test.

Fight with all your might and let me do the rest.

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