Poem: Mystery

The tide is shifting.

The winds are high.

The thought of you laying by my side is the only thing I can see.

The only thing that makes feel alive.

The storm is getting closer, and trees are falling at our feet.

I keep wondering is this the day we learn that love never is a mist.

The only thing I can do is just stare at your mystery.

I wonder what this is.

The mystery that has kept me captivated for many years.

That has now suddenly disappeared slowly.

I no longer wonder about you.

I get to lead with you.

I get to chase with you.

Most importantly I get to love you.

This is the only mystery that is left.

I will never know why.

I am willing to search for the rest of my life if it is with you.

Poem: Half-Full

Painting the scene of the last time.

The time you tried your hardest to remember.

You also try your hardest to forget it ever existed.

A place that is stuck in your mind, but you can never say where.

The life that is caught between this one and that one.

Is the destination that you must figure out how to choose.

The world of wonder lives withing the lust of losing.

Trying so hard to stay and please that everything around you start to crumble.

Thinking about the way the water is moving, but you are standing still.

Looking for ways to give you hope, but you are trap in between the two places.

One that is full of hope and sorrow.

The other full of dreams and burdens.

You must pick, but each one has the glass half-full.