Poem: The Pit of My Tears

The journey to being free is one that is lost.

The wind blows and you end up in place where no one knows.

A place that is known by all except you.

You try to dig deep down in your soul, but the pit is too far.

You stop before you can even reach the center.

All you want to be able to live.

Most importantly free.

The cost is more than your bank account has to offer.

Your pride is holding the tears from falling down your face.

Yet you smile can no longer hide the broken heart inside.

Why is this journey the hardest to bear?

Not the one that has cuts and screams.

The one that is the easiest to handle has become the hardest to manage.

As the tears start pouring no one can see the pain.

They see the rain that is coming from my eyes.

The sorrow that is buried in my soul is running to hide.

Yet no one ever ask why.

You never volunteer to share.

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