Poem: Me again

Do you think of me?

Do you think of me when you are sleep?

Does your mind ever wonder why my tears only fall when I see you?

When the fire burns out at night do you ever get worried?

Have you become numb to my feelings at all?

These are all the questions that I have for you?

These are the questions I must ask me.

The person that I love to hurt.

The person that only knows hate.

The person that will never understand what it means to feel or to be love.

It is a grave that I have dug.

One that will burry me.

Why does it hurt too just be me?

Will there ever come a time where my tears no longer run dry?

I guess that is just another question for me.

Poem: Soaking

Trying to wait for the sun, but I always end up in the rain.

Wondering why it keeps pouring the closer I get.

Trying to run back inside before I end up soaking.

Then suddenly just stop in the middle and looking up from my tears.

Wondering why does this happens to me?

Is my love not worthy of brighter days?

Is this why I never see the sun until it almost gone.

Worrying why am I getting wet.

Instead of trying to figure out ways to stay dry.

I cannot see the end of rain; I can only see where it begins.

I only see the pouring that used to feel like pain.

Pain that no longer hurts, just keeping me numb.

Thinking this is where I belong.

This is my home I have cried.

Unable to stay dry, always stuck in the middle of the storm wondering how to get out.

Secretly wanting to stay in.