Poem: New, but Same

 The old is done and the new is approaching.

Changes is happening and you are not ready.

Things passing, and things are losing.

The love that you were looking for never came.

The hurt that you carry never left.

The sorrow of the last is starting again with the first.

The tears that were floating away are pouring like the rain.

Optimistic about the future, but still living for the past.

Thinking that the good does not exist, but secretly hoping that it does.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new year, and everything will still be the same.   

Poem: Just Smile

The time has come for us to say goodbye.

This day has been planned for a while, and now it is finally here.

I do not know if the words will come out, but I think I have something to say.

The problem is I just cannot say them.

If I do then it would mean that this is all true.

This is no longer a fantasy I have been dreaming.

This is the life that I am living.

This is all real, and I am not trying to be convince.

What is happening is something that will happen to me.

It was just your turn at bat, and for once you did not miss.

There are words that have been left unsaid.

There are questions that will never get answers.

There are memories that will last a lifetime.

At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

I will not cry tears will only make it real.

I will just smile and know that you are smiling too.

Poem: Puddle

Water dripping down the wall.

Staring as it spills over the floor.

Just looking but cannot move.

The puddle starts to get bigger, and you do not see it as a problem.

This is just an obstacle that life throws your way.

One that may cause some troubles, but this journey will be okay.

Those are the things you say, but deep down not the things you mean.

This has become your way of life.

Obstacles come and hit you with things that always try to make you break.

This is one that has made a crack into the celling.

That you are watching slowing break open.

Hoping that the glue will make it last a little bit longer.

Poem: Meet Me

My world is starting to crumble, and I do not have the strength to pick up the pieces.

I do not know how this madness begin.

I just know that I am sinking like quicksand.

There is nothing for me to hold onto.

I am letting go and will lose it all.

As I am sinking deeper, I am no longer afraid.

The worries of life are starting to drip away.

I am becoming the person that I have always wanted to be.

I am getting introduce to the real me.

A person I was never sure I would ever meet.

Someone that does not need to hold their breath.

A person that can finally just be.

The deeper I go the freer I become.

I guess it is time we meet.