Be Alive

Light is shining now.

The snow is falling as gracious as you

This is the time to be alive.

Let go and leave your fears.

Today was not promise, but you are here.

This is the time to go for the goals, that no one said you could.

This is the life you want if not then what are you waiting for.


Poem: Homegoing

Dear my loves, I know you are crying right now, but please stop your tears.

You need the water to grow the spot that I will leave in your heart.

A spot that will take time to heal from the pain of losing me.

I know you may need to see my smile or feel the love I have for you.

Just know that it is there right inside of you.

It is just my time to head to my forever home.

Where I can see the ones that left before me.

The ones that love you as much as me.

This is not the way I wanted to say goodbye.

It was just my time to fly.

So, I ask once again please do not cry.

I am going home.

Where I will wait to see you once again.