Poem: Last Destiny

Why do you do this to me?

As much as I try to love you all it does is make me hurt.

I give and give and all you do is take.

There is nothing left for me to give myself.

It always seems as if I am giving it all to you.

Then I get nothing in return.

Is that all I am to you a person that is only good to take from?

That is the life that I am living.

This bond that was once unbreakable is about to shatter.

The heart wants what it wants, and now it is starting to not want you.

The one person that you are destined to love is making that destiny hard to fulfill.

Time is running out and the things you have taken are starting to add up.

There is no tomorrow for what I need to do

I think this is for the best, so I must leave you.

I can forgive what you have taken, but I cannot forget what I have given.

This is the last call, and I cannot call anymore.

I wish you well, but I wish it more for me.