Poem: loving you

There is something that I need to say.

I do not know if the words will be enough.

The time you have given me is worth a lot more than I have given you.

The tears have made a pool full of sorrow has me drowning without help.

This is the time for us to grow and move with the way of the world.

Yet I am scared to know if you feel the same.

The journey to find you was long and sometimes I question was it worth it.

The battles were hard, and I am tired of trying to win.

Is coming out on top all that this relationship has left.

That the loser has no choice but to lower their head in shame.

Then accept defeat as it is.

This needs to end we need to movie like a mighty hurricane and change our course.

I said it before, and I will say it again.

I am sorry.

The truth I just do not love you anymore.