Poem: Maybe

The times are changing, and I am sitting here wondering why.

There is so much going for me, but there is so much that I am not sure about.

The changes that are happening I wonder are they good?

The real question are they for me?

I need to walk through the storm, but I just keep looking at it wondering why?

Change is coming and change is happening.

I needed something new, and I got it but was it worth it.

I like the sound that the wind is making as I stand out in the rain.

The storm is changing and so is my mind.

The light is shining through, and I see it clearly.

This is what I have wanted, and it is coming true.

Then it hit me this is all a dream, and I am still just me.

I am still that person that has nothing to give and no chance to receive.

Maybe I will one day, maybe.

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