Poem: Place

Everyday has become the same.

There is nothing new to report.

There is nothing new to say.

I wake up and do what is need, but never what is required.

The day starts early, but it ends the same with me being alone.

I used to run home to see you, but now I no longer can.

I try run away, but my feet are planted to soil.

This is where I must belong.

I come to this place that has no soul, and no life left to live.

The streets that lead this way no longer bright up the day.

The sanctuary that we made has turn into jungle that is filled with memories.

Memories that are slowly drifting away.

The ones that made us cry.

The ones that kept us up late at night.

The tears that came from laughter to the sorrow of watching the kids slip away.

Then it became the place where you last spoke.

The last place I told you I love you.

Now it is the place where I miss you.

This was our place this was our home.

This place is no longer my home.

It is no longer our home.

This is no longer our place.