Poem: Storm

Why are you here?

I thought this was not the place you wanted to be.

The storm did not bring the rain that you hope for.

It brought the thunder and the lighting I prayed for.

The things that would make you scream.

The love that once stood the test of time is falling with every puzzle piece.

There is nothing here not even hopes and dreams.

The love has faded, and you never notice untiled the page was almost gone.

The eraser has been out on us, and it is almost complete.

Love and life are not meant for us.

The battle of the sun is not worth the life of the moon.

You may not agree with me just know the storm has given us a pass.

A chance to move and it is time for me to let you go.

I do not cry over the love that is lost.

I cry for the things that were not gain.

The battle is not worth the fight.

The storm is finally over and now I see the light.