Poem: Shut

The door is open, and yet I cannot go inside.

I try to move, but my feet are stuck.

I see the glow from your presence.

I call out, but it goes unnoticed.

I try once more and still nothing.

I hear the rumblings in the tress.

To the pots clinging in the kitchen, and yet no answer to my call.

I hear the rumblings once more

It sounds like you and me.

The fights that would last all night.

To love we bring with morning sunrise.

When I look inside, I see something that I have not seen in a while.

I see us and I miss us.

The light is shinning bright from the inside.

I yell once more and still nothing.

Is this real.

I start to wonder why I cannot move.

I then realize that I am stuck.

I am stuck in the way things used to be.

I need to move towards the way thing are.

That we are done.

You and I were not complete.

The match did not last.

So now I must close this door.

Now it is shut.