Poem: Not Bright

Please stay with me.

It is all that I ask.

I know I cannot offer you the sun, but I can give you the world.

It may not be the one you imagine, but it will be the one you can hold.

I know how the story goes; the ending is not one I am willing to see.

There is so much here, yet I still see in your eyes the wiliness to leave.

I know the moon draws you in, and that my light is never as bright as you deserve.

There is nothing to say, but I beg for you to stay.

My life is not the one that is meant for me, so I understand if you want to leave.

I cannot say this is not fair.

I have given you all the reason to shed a tear.

I just ask for a second chance.

A chance to make it back once again.

If you go, there is one thing you should know.

I was never dark; your light was just too bright.