Poem: New Walk

I am walking differently now.

The pep is still there, but it is not the same.

The way things are going is making it easier to move.

It has become my way of life.

I am trusting the process that I never knew I could do.

I am following the steps that were laid before me.

Most importantly I am moving in way that would make you proud.

I see no more pain as I step inside.

I see no more hurt when I stare.

I see no more anguish as the world turns.

I am becoming the person that I could be.

The person you dream that world needed to see.

This is not a sad day.

The storm is not bringing the clouds of thunder.

This is a good day one which rain is making the flowers grow and bloom.

I am becoming happy, and I want to thank you.

You believe and now I am.

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