Poem: The Otherside

What is happening now?

Is this real or am I living in my dream’s nightmare.

The things that I cannot see are staring me in the face of me being lost.

Hurt is something that I no longer feel.

It is something that I live, and I accept it every day.

I see what could be, but the space for it I cannot find.

It is felt with unwanted desire and hopes of the things that I lost.

Everything around me is moving and once again I am standing still.

I see life passing me by, but I never can get off that train.

I just watch them go by and try for the next stop.

Will this be me forever?

Will I make it to the other side?

Which other side will I chose?

The one that I see a future.

Could it be the one that makes it all clear yet is filled with the unknown?

I do not know I just know this side no longer wants me.