Poem: Too Bright

Seeing the light has made me hate the sun.

It became too bright for me to feel.

It remined me of the things that I have lost.

It also made me hate the things that I have gain.

The story it tells remind me of the ones that I cannot write.

The way I hade hope for the future because I was told it was bright.

As it turns out it is not as bright as one might think.

It has a dimmer that I cannot set.

It shines on the one thing that I always regret.

It shines on you.

The one thing that brought me out the shadows.

The thing that can no longer be.

I cannot stand in this light anymore.

Knowing that it reminds me of you.

The things that you did that I can no longer do.

I need to go back to where I belong.

The darkness is where I called home.


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