Poem: Walk On By

Where is the love?

The joy of seeing another day has become a chore.

A chore that I sometimes do not want to do.

I do it each day for you.

I see the hurt in your eyes when I try not to cry.

Trying to be strong, but I just fall to my knees after you walk by.

The way you say it will be alright, but my soul is burning inside.

Days and days go by, and you hold my hand each time.

Telling me it will be alright.

The bridge of love that we built is stronger then the hurt my heart gives.

I pull myself up each day just to see that smile on your face.

That way you know we got another day to love.

Another day to care and to just be us.

I do not know how long this will take, but the tears are starting to cool the fire inside.

My love for you is stronger than my will to give in to the demons of my soul.

One day you will no longer wonder will I awake.

You will see that I am okay and holding your hand as we walk on by.