Poem: Loneliness

It is the last day of loneliness.

All my hopes and dreams are coming to true.

I get to wake up to you and see the rays of life that has bless you.

You smile will be my alarm, and you laugh will keep me warm.

The hours are ticking by, and I can feel you creeping up next to me.

It is feeling that I never want to leave.

It is a way of life that I have only dream.

Could this be, could my destiny finally be fulfilled.

The hours and minutes keep disappearing.

The day I have wanted to share with someone is upon us.

Now if only this was not a dream.

Then it would be perfect.

Sadly, it is, the loneliness resides still in my heart.        

This is the day that my cut only grew deeper.

The day you left me, and loneliness became my way of life.

I have it all, yet I have nothing.

I wish you would come back, but sadly you want.

I guess it on to the next day of loneliness.


Poem: Grow and Burn

I can see clearly now.

My eyes are open to all the disaster that I have cause.

The storm that weathers my soul is starting to set free.

The fire that burns deeps in your heart, can cool off with mine.

I have given you water to nourish and grow.

Now it is up to what you want to show.

I done my best to make you well.

Let see what the sun can do to make you grow.

How much longer can this burn?

Poem: Drain

The drain to my soul is full.

It is clogged with all the bad decisions I had to make.

Some I think were good, but most has caused me to be stuck.

Stuck in situation where I cannot get lose.

The worse part is I did them all for you.

I wanted to make you feel clear, and it only stuck to me.

Now I am filled with the decisions that hurt others, but gave you joy.

Is that all I am good for?

To make you feel better, by hurting others.

Making myself dirty while you stay clean.

What can I do to become clean?

To be able to open and fill complete?

Time will tell, but my drain is just not well.

Poem: Do you love me?

Do you love me?

I know that sounds strange but sometimes I just do not know.

You look at me and smile then you walk away with your head bowed.

Did I do something wrong?

Yes, I know I caused pain mighty than the worst hurricane.

 I know you said I do, but I sometimes I think that was not you.

Have I cause that much pain?

Where did we go wrong?

You hold my hand when we walk out that door, but once it is shut you do not know me anymore.

I cannot stop the tears that have fallen.

I cannot count the ways in which I made a twinkle in your eye.

You always say yes to anything I say.

You look away and I see the hurt on your face.

We have been through so much, yet I think that we are through.

Is this a battle I should fight, or is it one that I have already lost?

I ask you this everyday and your answer stay the same.

I just must ask once more just to be sure.

This time do not run and hide.

Hold your head up high.

I just need to know.

Do you love me?