Poem: Home

This place is not what it was.

It had everything that dreams made.

The love that walks down the street lives in the valley of hope.

This lives in your soul and gives you all that life has.

Then you leave and things start to change.

Nothing is the same, yet it feels right.

This is where you were made.

This is where your love was given time to grow.

The people were there to hold your hand.

Now you must go.

The one thing that hold you down is knowing that this will always be home.


Poem: Back and Forward

Moving forward means not looking back.

Not looking for the thing that made your weep.

With joy, but with the sorrow that could cure a thousand cries.

This is the life that no longer waits.

You hunger for that.

It is the food that feeds your soul.

You also hunger for the road ahead.

It holds the things that you do not know.

The things that make you feel desired.

This is your calling, but the land in the back, is still holding your hand.

It is slowly slipping away, but you keep reaching out to grab it.

How long will you hold the grip before it just slips away.

Looking back, you can no longer do.

Looking forward is calling you.