Poem: Forever same

The story was told years ago, but it was never written.

I need to find the answer to being true.

I see the way it looks, but it holds all the shame.

The shame to make it, and the shame to give up.

The last thing I do not need is to be with you.

We have been so far gone that we no longer have a home.

My bones are broken, but I still try to stand.

It hurts my soul that it has no end.

I need to know what is wrong.

Is this the end of you?

Is this the end of me?

The answers are on the wall, but no one can see.

The hurt lives in the veins that cause you to bleed.

The thing of beauty is not being able to see.

We had a time that was sweet.

I wish we had more, but no way for me. Bye for now, or forever it seems.