Short story: The Night I Forgot part 2

This is part two of the story that I wrote years ago.


“How long have you known the defendant for Mr. Black?” The district attorney asked him.

    “I’ve known the Phillip a couple of years now, since my brother was in high school years ago really,” Austin replied.

    “What did your parents think of the defendant? Did they like that your brother was friends with him?”

    “No, they hated that my brother was friends with him, they thought that he was a bad influence on Mike, and they tried to stop it.”

“What did they do to stop it,”

“I can’t remember but I know they hated him.”

“What did you think of your parents, did you like them,” the district attorney asked.

“They were good, I mean they were my, our parents,” Austin replied as he starts shaking and sweating even more now than he did when he walked into the courtroom.

“Did you know Sammie Noel?”

“Yea I know her she is my best friend why?” as he looks over to an empty chair that Sammie is supposedly sitting in.

“Did you parents like her?”

“Not really, but I didn’t care.”

“Have your parents ever made you made before,” the district attorney asked.

“I Mean, what are you asking?”

“Did they ever do anything to make you want to snap?”

What kid parents didn’t make them want to snap, but I got a long with them sometimes, but it was no secret that we bickered a lot.” Austin is looking around the room, and all he can feel is the piercing eyes of the courtroom gazing on him as the secret is out.

“I mean did they ever do something that ticked you off, that would make you say kill them?” The district asked him as he kills a fly on the desk with a roll up piece of paper, and it makes this loud popping noise. Austin is starting to feel the pressure as if time is running out, and.

 The district attorney keeps asking these questions about his parents, and they are driving him insane. It is getting harder to breath more than anything else right now. “Did you ever love you, parents,” Distract Attorney Jackson asks.

 The question threw him for a loop he did not want to answer it but felt he had to. Austin tried to go around the questions, but the district attorney kept asking this issue. Austin is reaching his tipping point and is about to boil over.


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