Short Story: The Night I forgot

This is a short story that I wrote a couple of years ago. I have not read or edited it in years, so I honestly do not know what it sounds like. I am posting to just to get some perceptive of this story idea I had. I would like to write into a movie one day. I am not posting that whole thing is part 1.

 January 12 the day that everything changed for Austin and the black family. As the walk into courtroom knowing that Austin will take the stand today to discuss the night of their parent’s murder. Austin is filled with nerves and sweating like crazy. Whenever someone speaks to him, he answers them twice. As Judge Peterson calls the court to order, the district attorney Jackson calls Austin to the stand right away.

While Austin is walking to the stand, he starts thinking why is he calling me so early, how can I do this, what I am I going to say? Do they know what happen that night? What did happen that night? I must compose myself. Pull it together Austin you can do this. On his way to the stand, he looks at Phillip Taylor the person who is being accused of the murder. Austin then decides that he must do it he cannot be nervous. District Attorney Jackson begins asking Austin some questions, and he tries to answer them.

              Phillip Taylor was Austin’s brother Mike best friend when they were in high school. Phillip was the ideal friend that the Black’s wanted for Mike, it seemed that Phillip stayed getting Mike into trouble. His parents used to tell his brother that he needed to stop hanging out with Phillip.

Then there was Sammie Noel, she was worse than Phillip, but she always hid it from people except the Black’s they knew better. Sammie was different than Phillip, she was a free spirt who would do anything for shock value. The Black’s though Phillip was bad, but Sammie she was in a class all her own. Eventually Mike did stop hanging out with them, but then Austin began spending time with Sammie and they became close. They would steal from the store together, and then go smoke some weed, and drink. His parents kept telling him to stay away, that Sammie was going to put him in a situation that was going to change his life.