Poem: Life’s Test

What did I do?

I thought I was going right, now somehow, I have gone left.

This was not the plan; this is not me.

I miss the old me the one that was hurt and confused.

The one that knew how to win, but always lose.

I jump and I landed, but it still seems as if I missed.

My better choice has left me more broken then heal.

The stress is gone, but the pain still leaves on.

Is this me?

Is this life I am living?

Why do I lose even when I win?

The chance to thrive has left me heartbroken inside.

There is no more for me to do, I am lost, and I truly do not know what to do.

The hope for better, has caused me pain for what I miss.

I guess the test is pass, and now how can I still miss.

Better is not always right, sometimes being hurt is what gives you your meaning of life.

Life has no meaning without just being.

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