Movie Review: Nightcrawler(2014)

This movie is all over the place for me. Nightcrawler, is a movie about a person who goes out to the scenes of an accident or crime films it and sells the footage to the local news. Then one night he sees something that is horrible, and he records it and trying to figure out what to. There is a bunch more stuff going on, but that the main point. I must say the only reason I watch this film was because I had just graduated with a journalism degree, and I was into almost any and everything about the news. That has changed a little for me, but it was weird time.

This stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo; they are the main two people. If news is your thing, then I would strongly suggest that you watch this film, just for the antics. It is an okay film, that is if you like something that gives you a trill. If I was to give this film a score out of ten, I would give it solid 6. That is not bad, it just starts off kind of weird to me. I would still watch it if nothing else was available.

Also I have been trying this thing where I see if I post something for 50 days straight, and I am almost done!