Movie Review: Blue Valentine(2010)

I saw this movie when it first came out. It was one that I was not sure about, but at the time I was going through an area where I was watching movies that were considered award show contenders. Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling was one of those movies. I did not quite understand the film with my first watch, but on my second watch I got it.

This film is the story of a relationship from the beginning to the end and everything in between. It is told mostly at the end of the relationship, but with flashbacks of how they got together and grew apart. This movie is not for everybody, I must stress that. This is in my opinion an artsy movie. It is a movie for people that love movies and storytelling. If you are not into that you may not like it. If you are interested in the story of a true relationship, give it watch, and you will not regret it. Also, Williams was nominated for an Oscar for her performance.

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