Poem: My pieces

What is this that I see?

Is this the person I want to be?

Is this who I am?

I used to be on the A-team, now I can barely stay on D- team.

Lately all I do is hang out in the dark.

The thought of seeing the light let me know that everything is real.

So, I hang in the shadows, and escape to another world.

That does not make it okay, deep down I am no good for me.

What made me happy, only draw tears down my face.

One day I know the door will close, and it something I used to pray for.

Why can I not make me happy?

Did the dark side win?

I no longer see the person I want to be.

This is who I am.

Too broken to see the pieces to put back together.

I will never be more than who I am.

The dream has given up on me, we never could agree.

The tears no longer leak, and the heart is too broken to see.

This is where I must be.

Alone for the world to see.