Poem: This is

This is not fun.

This is cool.

This is not right.

Most importantly this is not me.

I am lost and I do not want to be found.

This is where I belong, at least, I think.

Could this be my mistake, or a disaster?

Time will only tell, but I can not be the person you want.

This is not for me.

This is for you.

This is for us.

I know you do not understand now, but I cannot say.

Just let me go and then maybe you know.

This is it.

This is down.

This is over.

Life rant

Why do people think they can walk up to you and say whatever they want? You do not know them, but because they think who they are that they can do what the hell they want. Then you better not say anything back to them because then you will be in the wrong, how is that. That is something that absolutely gets on my nerves. Do not get me wrong I believe in respecting my elders, but this situation I am talking about is different. I am talking about a random person who think they are the boss, and they can do and say whatever they want to you.

That happen to me, and I will not say where, because I am still trying to calm down from the situation and to think rational. This is the second time this person has felt the need to say whatever she wants to me and expect me to say anything. To keep my cool, I did not say anything to the person because I did not want to say something that I would regret. I was just trying to see and understand why they think it is okay.

I am writing this to say that with everything that has been going on these last couple of years, you must be careful especially as a person of color what you say and do. That is what I had to do today, and to be honest all my life. Coming from where I grew there is a lot of history of people getting killed for opening, they mouth, so that is why I do not say much. I guess I am just writing this to say that it is not okay for a person to think that it is okay to walk up to a person that they do not know and say whatever they want to them. There is so much to say, yet also not enough. This is just my rant for today.