Poem: The Lonely Road

The lonely road, the one I most frequently travel.

It is not always great, but for me it has made me the way I am.

The bumps and the curves showed me that sometimes you must adjust to get the goal.

The fog covered nearly everything around, but through it all I kept going.

Time after time I thought maybe I should turn back.

What am I doing here?

This is not for me, and I need to take the road that everyone knew.

Then when you least expect it, but right when you need them.

Joy appears and so does hope of being us.

It was always just me and my road the one that nobody knows.

Then one day it became less lonely someone else was there.

I was not expecting this, but the bumps started to smooth out.

The fog was starting to clear, and my vison was nearly 20/20.

Is this real could this be.

The one that I have hope for are you the one that I needed.

This is it this is me.

The lonely road has saved me, and now I can become we.

It seemed too good to be true, and it was.

The lonely road had played me once again.